ATP Machines (Anywhere, Any Time Payment): It could be used for any utility bill payment. Using Any Time Payment (ATP) Machine consumers can pay their utility bills round the clock- 365 days, either by cash or cheque and get a receipt of the amount paid on the service number of the consumer. ATP has a touch screen application built with high security features. ATP software works on both Online and Offline mode to speed up the process and ease customer which making their payment. Transaction are highly secure, accurate capable of online MIS integration. Retail mode of the same machine is available, with customized solutions.


Some of the unique features, and hence benefits available in this product are:

  • Now you need not go to only your subdivisions to pay your electricity bills. You can pay the bills in any of the ATP Kiosks anywhere in the city. Just to give an example: A customer can pay the electricity bills in any of the ATP Kiosks anywhere across ESCOM's jurisdiction.

  • Customers can pay the bills as per their convenience, at their leisure time, as the machine is functional round the clock 24*7*365, just like an ATM machine. Furthur, the operation is also very user friendly, and could be operated easily like an ATM machine.

  • Different Payments modes like Cash/Cheque/DD, Debit Card, Credit Card and Online Bank transaction are available.

  • No manual data upload/download required, and consumer payments will be posted to their account on real-time. Secure, Accurate, and automatic.

  • This includes various computer enabled security features to safeguard the cash and to restrict the unauthorized access. Highly Secure, accurate.

  • Online dashboards and MIS by email and SMS to management about real-time collection trends. Instant availability of data.

  • The proposed machines has optional facility of bulk note accepting feature. Transactions hence are easy, quick with very less/ no waiting time.

  • The solution has a facility to enable remote collection points in any authorized shops/outlets by sending SMS or using Smartphone. This works on prepaid model. Uncluttered authorized network.

  • Significant departure of this aspect compared to regular ATP machines is that - it could be installed in most of the retail setup from banking ATM to neighborhood bakery store! This could significantly decongest the customer from having to walk-in to nodal points, beside being user friendly, convenient, provides hassle free payment options to customers, takes less waiting time, etc.

There are mainly 3 ways where it could seamlessly operate:

  • Kiosks - It could be installed in places wherein there is huge inflow of customers. Huge Apartments, Catchment areas, IT parks, even bus stations et al are typical examples. Depending on the space availability, a miniature version of the machine( with all features intact) could be deployed.

  • Mobile device with SMS/email confirmation or optional Bluetooth printer - To draw a parallel, it works similar to prepaid currency model. We could equip typical retail/ kirana store with a mobile and tab with preinstalled apps- who could collect the payments from walk in customers. We will authorize the storeowner, to the extent he pays the advance to us. Customer could get instant SMS/email confirmation. It could be connected to a Bluetooth printer, if customer in that vicinity insist on the hard copy.

  • Mobile device with Bluetooth printer( Ideal for Spot billing operation) : Same as above, with the difference being that the operator would be able to give the printout of the receipt.

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i~EasyBill:It's an Web Based Total Revenue Management (TRM) Solution Product along with latest technology OS based Spot Billing Devices


Feature of i-EasyBill:

  • Various Functionalities for accurate and 100% billing to the consumer.
  • Auto Integration with Third Party System.
  • Real-time monitoring of MR wise billing progress is made possible for all officers
  • MIS Reports and the user friendly graphical dashboards.
  • DCB Report – Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  • DTC Energy Audit including DTC reading using the SBD.

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i~Docx:is a process required to increasingly manage information in digital form, whether that information was born digital (e.g. email, Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, e Forms) or was converted from hardcopy (e.g. scanned documents). Document management systems come in many shapes and sizes. Some are stand-alone ... meaning they are programs designed with the sole purpose of assisting users with managing files and documents. Others come as part of a more robust suite that entails a number of other business-related tools ... including calendars, messaging, blogging, wikis, and case tracking, to name a few. Commonly referred to as social business software, social intranet software, or collaboration software, these suites are ideal for businesses that are looking for a singular vehicle for handling day-today operation, and Communifire lands firmly in this category.


Feature of i-Erp Suite:

  • Implementing electronic workflow processes
  • Creating audit trials
  • Implementing Security Protocol
  • Creating one source of truth for each document/item of data
  • Eliminating transcription errors
  • Improving accessibility to information

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i~Erp Suite:is an ERP Product covering the breadth and horizon of Business processes. The product is built inhouse by Idea Infinity to suit needs and processes of organizations. While it has standardized components, we understand for any business, customizing the product is more needed than to change their process to suit the product.


Feature of i-Erp Suite:

    Core Product covers below Modules.

  • Financial management
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Material Management
  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • MIS and Reports

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