Consulting Services

At our core, Consulting Services is about helping our clients realize business value through business process and IT transformation. Our goal is to enable our clients to develop practical, outcome-based solutions that meet the ever-growing and changing needs of the global landscape.

Customer challenges

  • Adapt to the changing market conditions

  • Innovate continuously for the better business

  • Align IT with business goals

  • Optimize costs, while maintaining high customer satisfaction

  • Accelerate time-to-market for new products and services

  • Meet industry standards and compliance requirements

  • Leverage emerging technologies effectively

Our Solution

      We partner with you to understand and address your unique transformation imperative. We work in transparent consultation with you to devise a best-in-class solution and define the best course of action to implement the same across your organization. Our consulting and IT services will bring continuity and consistency to your strategic programs.


Idea Infinity e- Government practice helps government agencies and government advisory boards enhance their service delivery with respect to national security, educational systems, social welfare programs and archiving of land titles through Government IT Solutions. We also address the growing need for technology like e-governance and Government IT, by the various government departments through our Business Process, Systems Integration services and IT Implementation services. Security, accuracy and timely delivery are the key parameters very much ensured by the e-Governance services.

IT Infrastructure & Management

Today’s business environment makes it essential that the infrastructure requirements align with everybody's business needs. Idea Infinity Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) deliver end-to-end, effective and reliable solutions that can transform your business operations.

Customer challenges:

  • Higher IT infrastructure spends with reduced budgets

  • High cost in maintenance and management

  • Service management integration within a multi- sourced IT environment

  • Inability to effectively respond to the changing infrastructure environment

  • Latency in info access and reduced reliability and scalability due to multiple locations across the globe

      Our complete spectrum of services help you build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure that is capable of meeting the dynamic needs of your businesses in multi-sourcing scenario. Our offerings are generally based on the assess, build, manage and transform framework. With emerging trends and technologies such as cloud computing and an on-demand IT environment, organizations seek consolidation, standardization and rationalization. Our transformation offerings and solutions transform your IT environment from the primitive environment/technology into advance and reliable technology . These solutions provide elasticity and optimize costs toward an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure.

IT Customization

Our IT Customization & Maintenance Services provides end to end and cost-effective solutions across industry verticals to help them comply with emerging Technological challenges and enhance business competitiveness. Our solutions to cater to all the industry sectors including Banking & Finance, Insurance, Transportation & Logistics, Telecom, Energy & Utilities and Retail to help them in creating Business Value with new technology. This sectors includes following services,

  • Application Development Management

  • Application/Software Outsourcing

  • Legacy Systems Maintenance & Migration

  • Data warehousing

  • Enterprise Business Solutions

  • Product development and Maintenance

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